Friday, 2 May 2008

Post #13 Welcome to Anastasia!!!

I welcome to the arena a noble lady of distinction, Anastasia Fitzgerald. A quick sword and a resurgent shield are the hallmarks of this gladiatrix. Already renowned for her martial feats on other grounds, she enters to the acclaim of plebeians, equestrians and patricians.

The lanistae are also delighted by the arrival of this champion. You can bet they are.

Salve Anastasia!!! Let the games begin.


Anastasia Fitzgerald said...

Thank you, my dear friend. It's a delight to be here. God bless your ship and all who sail in her!

Retarius said...

Thank you! and you're on!

Anastasia Fitzgerald said...

I can't stop for long. I've had a really busy twenty-four hours, all connected with the Boris coup in London! I've had more champagne than is altogether good for me-but, what the hell! Anyway, I'm off to a little celebratory gathering this evening. If I'm fit I'll come back this way tommorrow. Love, kisses and salutations.

From Anastasia (and from Tsar Boris!)

Retarius said...

Thanks for the lead. I shall now denounce Crosby Textor. (No hard feelings to Boris.)