Sunday, 25 May 2008

Post #20 Hire a Hall / Everything (A shocking development!!)

Yesterday I heard an announcer on ABC NewsRadio say something like"...breaking story. New corruption allegations coming out of New South Wales..."

I thought, "This is supposed to be news?" Here's what would be news:

And now a shocking development from New South Wales. News tracking services have confirmed that seven days have passed since a corruption story broke in New South Wales! Premier Morris Iemma has announced at a press conference just held here at Parliament House, Sydney, that the Government will convene an urgent inquiry into the scandal-deficit and has urged the people of the State to remain calm: "We have no reason to believe that the situation will not self-correct in the near future", Iemma stated, to a hostile media pack, "However the government is not being complacent." Informed government sources, however, state that vicious argument broke out at an emergency Cabinet meeting called to discuss the crisis. Ministers are believed to have walked out in fury because of accusations of corruption-negligence from a Cabinet Secretary. The State Opposition Leader, Whatsisname, accused the government of "a gross abrogation of public duty" and promised that a Coalition government would restore corruption to normal levels within six months of taking office: "With particular emphasis on sexual impropriety and contractor kickbacks." A government media spokesperson dismissed this as "further evidence of the Coalition's lack of innovative policy".

If only. This is part of the "Sydney Broadcasting Corporation" syndrome which believes that the whole nation is breathlessly awaiting the next word from Emerald City. There was a time when I wouldn't want to miss The 7:30 Report but, after the efforts of the renowned Howard saboteur, Jonathan Shier, which resulted in the abolition of the State-based format of the programme, I couldn't be bothered with it. In fact, Lateline went to Hell after Kerry O'Brien left and the 7:30 report went to Hell after he took it over. I've got two items at the top of my wishlist where the Rudd government and broadcasting policy are concerned: A restoration of the State-based 7:30 report (sorry, Kerry, but you can do the Sydney version) and abolition of the execrable commercial advertising on SBS. And if, as Christopher Pearson alleges, that would require the government to "stump up" thirty million dollars, so be it. Money more than well spent.

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