Sunday, 4 May 2008

Post #15 Hire a Hall/Everything (Run out of town..all the way to London.)

I haven't got a clue about Boris Johnson, newly-elected mayor of London. I liked "Red Ken" from a distance because...well... he was called "Red Ken". Good luck to London and Boris. For all I know he's a lovely bloke and will make a good fist of it.

Now to what is pertinent to an Australian: Boris' victory is a lifeline for Australian spin-doctors, Crosby Textor. Now there's a subject I have a clear view on. Among many other sins, C/T introduced "push-polling" to Australia. That's where you contact an elector and, under the guise of "surveying", say something like: "Would it affect your opinion if you discovered that Candidate X is a wife-beating, animal-torturing, high-taxing scumbag? Just asking out of idle curiosity, of course! Well, would it?"

Now that the Liberal Party, C/T's preferred clients in these islands, have been driven from office in all jurisdictions, they've headed offshore to find greener pastures. I don't know what they got up to over there, or whether their interventions made a damn bit of difference. They'll take as much of the credit as they can grab, of course; having provided their services to Boris and scored a win, they'll be reinvigorated, instead of dying in the gutter where they belong. Just like the Daleks; whenever you think they're finally obliterated, they stage a comeback. Well not quite; the Daleks have provided me and millions of other fans with many hours of good, clean, homicidal fun. Mmm...I wonder if they know where Crosby Textor are.

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