Saturday, 3 May 2008

Post #14 Hire a Hall/Everything ( some of us)

I've got to be quick posting this or I may miss the opportunity to add to Troy Buswell's wounds. (I think of those Senators who wanted a piece of Julius Caesar and discovered that he was dead by the time they got to the front of the crowd.)

What is going on with these people? I haven't a speck of interest in seeing the Liberal Party return to government anywhere, ever again, but somebody has to be there to keep the governing party from becoming too power-drunk.
Paul Keating said it best when he attacked the federal parliamentary Liberal party some years ago, in these terms: "Mister Speaker, they are not only unfit to be in government; they're not even fit to be in opposition!"

Those words are perfectly apt to the mess the WA Liberals have made in the past few years. They had a dill (
Colin Barnett), they replaced him with another dill (Matt Birney), replaced him with a sensible, honest plodder (Paul Omodei) and then they stabbed him to replace him with...a dill. The only topics worth taking bets on are: how long before Buswell goes (if he hasn't while I've been writing this) and how long can the Labor party govern in WA?

Worst of all the Liberals are now contemplating going back to the first dill, Barnett. This is the guy who wanted to build a canal, without due diligence, (no, he was using dilligence) to bring water to Perth, WA, from the northern parts of the State. This came as news to his colleagues who found out about it in the first few minutes of his policy speech for the 2005 election. The slogan for his campaign? "Decisions not delays." Now, I know lemmings don't really, mindlessly run over cliffs, as one sees in the cartoons. But, after all, they aren't being led by the likes of Barnett and Buswell!

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