Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Post #78 Hire a Hall / Everything (A lot of things)

On Saturday, 6 September 2008, an election was held for the parliament of the State of Western Australia. The outcome is still in doubt as there are some undecided contests and a negotiation is ongoing between the National Party and the two main contenders to see who will offer the Nationals the best deal in payment for their support. Colin Barnett, the man I called a "dill" in a previous post, may be the next Premier of W.A. This is an outcome which might be poetic justice for the Labor party and Alan Carpenter, erstwhile Premier.

Alan called an early election in the hope that the Liberals would be caught on the hop and that the Olympics would distract the voters and keep the heat off Labor. It seems that they've been caught in their own trap; the heat was also off Colin and the Liberals. The tough questions that might have tripped him didn't find a lot of traction. I'll ask a few here:

1. What is the Liberal policy on privatisation of electricity supply?

2. What is the Liberal policy on privatisation of water supply?

3. What is the liberal policy on uranium mining in W.A. and the storing of nuclear waste in W.A.?

4. What will a Liberal government do about the disastrous "shared services" concept of public service department management?

5. What will a Liberal government do about "outcomes-based education" in W.A.?

If the Liberals published policies on these matters I didn't hear about them. If Alan had allowed the parliament to run full term these matters could have been examined in detail. The decision to call the early election was a corrupt decision and the Labor government has copped what it deserved. Unfortunately, we, the electors, may now cop what we don't deserve.

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