Thursday, 4 September 2008

Post #77 Finally some sense on the FemoNazis out there

"Is Palin a good choice for VP? The feminists don't think so. She's the wrong kind of woman!" -

Dugg from a story in the Sydney Morning Herald by Miranda Devine. Check out the illustration with it - it's real cute!!

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Dina said...

I think it's wrong to say Palin is not a feminist or the wrong kind of women.

What I say (and I think it's okay to say) is she's the wrong woman for me.

I'm so not a Republican, and can't imagine ever voting for one. (Even the democrats are not left enough for me).

Palin doesn't represent my viewpoints so I wouldn't wouldn't vote for her. The fact that she's female is not going to change my feelings about her.

I'm not going to say, "Oh cool! A girl! Let's vote for her!"

Retarius said...

Well, I confess I just thought the cartoon was cute, so I didn't really fret over the article's content too much. Miranda Devine's entitled to her credit if I refer to her work, but I'm not a fan of her. Now, Palin...I think the most interesting question about her is whether she's related to Michael Palin the British actor/comedian/documentary-maker. If I was a US citizen I'd vote for the McCain/Palin team because I think the old boy's just got more stuffing. I'll have a post about that!

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i dont think she is wrong kind of women.