Monday, 11 August 2008

Post #60 Hire a Hall / Everything (A dismal choice.)

Alan Carpenter, Premier of Western Australia, has decided to take advantage of the change of leadership which I foresaw/dreaded in an earlier post. We're to have an election on Saturday, 6 September, 2008. The rapidity with which the Labor government led by Carpenter has degenerated into arrogance and contemptuous behaviour has been a thorough disappointment to me. Carpenter spent a lot of years bashing corrupt and incompetent ministers when he practised journalism for a living. He now seems to be putting into practice the aphorism about having "learned nothing and forgotten nothing".

He's been replicating the sort of antics that saw both the previous Coalition government and its Labor predecessor thrown off the government benches. This election is reported to be the earliest called in a Parliamentary term in 50 years. It's apparently intended to catch the Liberal and National parties on the hop; I think the lesson of early elections is that those who call them are punished. In this case I think the result will be a narrow squeak back for the Labor party, narrower than would have been the case if Alan had shown a bit more ethics and let the Parliament run its term. Oh boy... this whole decade is living proof that we need some new ideas and some honest people in government.

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