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Post#138 The Protocols of the Purveyors of Pap, or the Fraud of Global Warming!

I'm back, Retarius!

I’m a student of history, not a scientist. I’ll go further: science bores me. Still, it cannot be ignored; aspects of scientific ‘knowledge’ cannot be ignored. And the one aspect that has invaded my consciousness through multiple media, with all of the silent finesse of a Blitzkrieg, is the whole global warming argument

Let me just say to begin with that I always suspected there was something wrong with this, partly on the basis of an understanding of the historical record, and partly on the basis of simple intuition. You see global warming (GW), or climate change, to use a more exact expression, has been a fairly regular feature of human history: there have been quite significant ups and downs over time. Indeed, one period I call to mind is the early fourteenth century, when conditions were so bad that it is sometimes referred to as the ‘mini-ice age.’

The second level of suspicion, which I attribute to intuition, might be better described as instinct. The simple fact is I don’t like being preached at; I react against both the message and the messenger, whether it is that little clot Lawrence McGinty on ITV news, or that big clot Al Bore, and his relentless promotion of ManBearPig, his phantom terror (South Park fans will understand!) And if The Guardian and The Independent, those voices of the uni-dimensional, lead me to think in one way I invariably think in the other. But, of course, they, Super Obama-that socialist in socialist’s clothing-, Joker Brown and all the other promoters of GW have ‘science’ on their side; I only have instinct. Not any more; oh no, not any more. I am happy to declare that we have all been the victims of a massive conspiracy: the Protocols of the Purveyors of Pap!

For, you see, at last one scientist has had the courage to speak out against this phoney consensus-Professor Ian Plimer, an Australian geologist. His book, Heaven and Earth: Global Warming-the Missing Science, so frightened the liberal establishment that it was rejected by every mainstream publishing house in his native land. He had quite literally to go to the outback to find a small company courageous enough to take him on. The first print run sold out. Further editions followed, one hard upon the other, as the news spread. It’s now to be published in England and the States.

I don’t want to dwell on Plimer’s thesis at length but the chief elements are as follows. First, the GW model is based on the narrowest of explanatory frameworks, with data drawn from less than two hundred years. Second, and even more important, the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere amounts to 0.001 of the total held in the environment. More than that, human activity accounts for a tiny amount of this tiny percentage. Oh, yes, there is one other thing about GW: it stopped over ten years ago. In the last two years global cooling has reversed some thirty years of temperature increase.

Serious attempts have been made to discredit Plimer by those wedded to the GW paradigm but the data, for once, speaks for itself. Measurements complied by the University of Huntsville in Alabama confirm that temperatures have fallen. In March Alan Carlin, an senior analyst for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the US, produced a detailed report questioning the carbon dioxide argument upon which GW is based. The report was ignored on the grounds that it was too late to change the EPA’s official policy. No surprise, really. After all Super Obama needs some justification for the $7.4 trillion tax hike he intends to inflict on his fellow Americans as part of his environment bill.

And so it goes on with those committed to GW pushing all the way. A political battle is being fought out in Plimer’s Australia, where Kevin Rudd managed to have his own environment bill pushed through the lower house aimed at curbing CO2 emissions, curbs so drastic that they are likely to devastate the national economy, dependant as it is on coal. The Senate votes on the bill next month. Here opinion is so evenly divided that the whole measure is set to rise or fall on the casting vote of Stephen Fielding, an independent Senator. Given the importance of his vote Penny Wong, the climate change minister, agreed to see him in person. A series of questions were put about the GW data. The answers produced by the minister’s own scientific advisors were so unconvincing, so shot with errors and contradictions, that Fielding’s team produced a counter-response, published as Due Diligence, which tears the whole argument in pieces. The Senator has announced that he will be voting against Rudd’s bill.

I seriously hope that the Australian bill fails, but can anything be done to counter the momentum that GW has gathered across the world, promoted by the G 8 or the G 20 or however many clowns that can be gathered in one place for a spectacular junket, producing more carbon emissions-and hot air-than you and I in a lifetime? Alas, the prospects are not good. GW is the new doxy, uniting all sorts of vested interests, political, academic, institutional, broadcasting and publishing; uniting the American and British governments, on the one hand, and interest groups like the idiotic Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth on the other. Given time the paradigm may shift but only after horrendous damage has been inflicted on the western economy, to the benefit, I imagine, of political tyrannies like China.

I suppose I started writing this in a lightly ironic mood, suggesting the existence of a global conspiracy. I finish in a more sombre frame of mind because I now believe that such a conspiracy does exist, not one born of malice and design but of blindness and stupidity. Say no to Green Fascism; say no to the Copenhagen Treaty, say no to stealth taxes, say no to attempts to undermine our already fragile economy. Global Warming is a lie.


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