Thursday, 2 July 2009

Post#133 PMP

It really amuses me the way in which some people resort to jargon, not occasionally, but continuously. I’m thinking specifically here of ‘lol’. Yes, it’s OK now and again, but you know, I know, most sensible people know that when it appears, as it does in discussions on social networks, that the person in question could not possibly be ‘laughing out loud’ again and again and again. More than that, it often follows a remark, or an observation, that is not in the least bit funny.

Oh, I’m a rebel; I’ve always been a rebel; when the shoal swims one way I invariably swim the other. I’ve stopped using lol altogether, both in social networks and in texting. I would like to invent my own personal jargon. Hmm, what shall I use when I find something particularly funny? Yes, I’ve got it; it shall be Pissing my Panties, or pmp for short. I like that. The trouble is, though, I shall have to be economical in application. Nobody could possibly believe that my bladder has an unlimited capacity.


Retarius said...

Achtu Lieber Stasi!! Diese ist ein familien blog!! Apart from my occasional cuss-words, that is. I think someone has beaten you to PMP though..I think it has a different meaning to your proposal.

Anastasia F-B said...

Es tut mir leid. Pmp! Ohhh, tell me more? Actually, Lieber Retarius, I'm about to make my last posts for a bit. I leave for India tomorrow on vacation and will be away for three weeks. Bis bald. :-)

Retarius said...

Okay, you got past my pseudo-Deutsch!! I just think I've heard PMP somewhere before..there are so many of these damn acronyms that just about any randomly-chosen group of letters means something.

India? You can't blog from India? [Oh dear, you mussed be getting of the wireless modem and putting of it to your notebook. My cousin Sanjay will feex eet in Mumbai. Verry nice price.]

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