Monday, 7 February 2011

Post#169 Faggots

On September 8th, 2010, this was broadcast on Channel 10 television, Australia:

The background to this was that Stephanie Rice had Tweeted the message: "Suck on that you faggots!" (directed to the South African rugby team after an Australian victory). She was leaped upon with ferocity by the PC Brigade and a sponsorship by Jaguar Motors was withdrawn.

A couple of days ago I read of the attack by Ruby Thomas and two companions on a 62-year old man in Trafalgar square.

Ruby Thomas (Image from
 Here's a quote from the article at the Guardian site:

"Thomas had been acting in a "lairy, mouthy way" and flirting with passersby before she turned on Baynham and his friend Philip Brown and screamed "fucking faggots" at them as they crossed the square.

She also smiled as she "put the boot into" an unconscious Baynham after Alexander [male co-offender] had knocked him to the ground and caused a severe brain injury.

Baynham died 18 days later at the Royal London hospital without recovering consciousness. Police found his blood on Thomas's handbag and the ballet pumps she had been wearing."

She was penalised with seven years in prison.

This incident occurred in september of 2009 and predates Rice's Tweet by a year. I thought the response to Rice was cretinous and typical of the manufactured scandals that attend and imperil celebrity. After reading about the use of the term in the context of kicking a man to death I revised my opinion somewhat. I'm sure Stephanie spoke without true malice, but if this word is taken by some as encouragement to commit murder by endorsing bigotry, I can live without it.


Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont said...

The Ruby Thomas business is truly shocking. Normally I do not like drawing conclusions from an individual’s personal appearance, but I can’t help but notice her cruel, piggy eyes.

On a slightly happier note the headline piece on Ana the Imp was written as a tenth birthday tribute to Wikipedia, focusing on my time there. You get a mention!

Sorry for being negligent here (it’s been a while since I’ve contributed). However I read an interesting interview with Thomas Keneally recently concerning his history of the Land of Oz. I’ll add something in the next day or so.

Retarius said...

I look forward to the Keneally post!

Yes, that girl's face is brutal, although it's also a classic Germanic physiognomy. She probably looks very beautiful when she smiles. Always the way.

Anastasia Fitzgerald-Beaumont said...


If there is any beauty in this woman it's of the Irma Grese class.