Sunday, 20 June 2010

Post#150 BP and the Hypocrites on the Hill

I wouldn't be a likely candidate to stick up for Big Oil but there's a first time...and it's here. The performance of the U.S. Congressional commitee and President Obama takes the cake for unbridled gall.

They're behaving as if all oil drilling wasn't by licence of their own hypocritical selves. They make play of anomalies in crisis plans which have been anomalous for many years and which they could have called for and studied any day they pleased. Obama signed a decree allowing massive expansion of coastal drilling just this April.

They failed to notice that 40% of "British Petroleum" ' s dividends are paid to U.S. investment funds.

If BP and the other drillers are delinquent it's because they've been allowed to become so.


Anastasia F-B said...

Retarius, I absolutely agree. I have a post on Obama and the leak on my blog on My Telegraph. You can find it in my anatheimp archive.

Retarius said...

Thanks..I'll have a the gods!! the rate you write at...things are buried beyond finding...I can't find the last comment I made on your blog!

Oh..and send a congratulatory email to Julia Gillard..she needs all the help she can get.

Anastasia F-B said...

So sorry; I'm gripped with a fever and it's all your fault! Have a look at Jokers, one of my latest posts in the Impdom. It's dedicated to you. :-)

I will.