Thursday, 11 June 2009

Post#128 Ramsay Street, or Thoughts on Gordon the Gormless

I see that that boorish and foul-mouthed cook, Gordon Ramsay, has been shooting of his f*****g mouth in Australia. Not wise, I feel sure; definitely not wise, especially as it even attracted the disapprobation of the esteemed Kevin Rudd.

I’m sure people know that there are some brands that have a very short shelf-life; such is with Gordon the Gormless, a man with little charm and less talent. I would really hope that people in Australia, not reluctant to express an opinion themselves in-how shall I say?-the earthiest of terms, do not take the Great Gormless as just another ‘whinging pom.’ He’s not; he’s a useless whinging pom, something altogether different!

Please, guys and gals of Oz, don’t be taken in by this man. You may think that while his remarks about and to Tracy Grimshaw were completely over the top, he is at least excused by his talent. Talent, what talent? I would not go near any of the restaurants and bistros he runs in London; none of my friends would and none of my family would. You may not have heard of this but he runs a back street kitchen here, which ships ready-made meals to his various establishments; meals made with cheap ingredients and then marked up some 600%. Yea, that’s right, 600%! Gordon the Gormless is not worth the energy of your contempt.

Look, I know this is an awful cheek, but would you mind keeping him? I feel sure that you will be able to find some use for him, even if it’s only as bait for crocodiles! :-))


Dina said...

I am incredibly sick of people who get fame & attention by being cruel to others.

They're too blame.

But we're also to blame. We watch these things. We support these things. Sometimes we even cheer it on.

I hope most of us stop all that.

Michael said...

Anastasia, he's a foul-mouthed thug. I don't think the spat with Grimshaw deserved half the publicity it got though.

Retarius, saw your comment on Delmer's site. You should be able to login to comment on my site using your Blogger account or a Gmail/Yahoo account.

I've had the new system for three days and several people have made comments successfully. There is zero spam now.

Retarius said...

Anastasia, the weird thing about Ramsay is that I saw one of his "Kitchen Nightmares" series in which he was charming, polite, calm and generally quite normal. It was a Britain-based series and he hardly said the "F"amous word at all. Perhaps it is all publicity-seeking method-acting.

If that's for real about the back-street kitchen, is it commonly known?

Yes Dina, I think a ratings drop would change the whole demeanour he displays.

Michael, thanks, I've used the new system with success. Good luck and death to spam!!

Anastasia Fitzgerald said...

Yes, Dina; you are quite right.

It was just one more step on a depressingly downward path, Michael.

Yea, Retarius, the effing and blinding is part of his assumed persona, which he puts on to suit the occasion, and he is the greater fool for it. The story about the back street kitchens made the press here. It was the down-market Sun that exposed the whole thing, with a front page heading of Coq au Van. Rather clever, I thought. :-)