Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Post #87 Hire a hall / Everything (And yet again with the bale-out bail-out!!)

Perhaps I should take up psychicing! But then it was such an easy prediction that I made. The exact words are: "I'm just waiting for the first of those scum to take a pile of that public money to give themselves a golden parachute of several million dollars as they leave the burning wreck of the company they've put into a death-dive." It wasn't perfectly accurate, but the gist of it was fulfilled when I heard on ABC NewsRadio this morning that executives of American Insurance Group, an entity recently bailed out by the U.S. government, have spent US$400,000 on a corporate "love-in" at a resort hotel. And now the pundits are saying that the US$700,000,000,000 that's being offered ...won't be enough. Double that might do it, they murmur.

It's really very simple: Nothing will "do it" for the little guys. The worst is going to happen for them regardless. After all, they're just the ones who do the real work and create the real wealth. Still, they're tough. They can get used to living in vans and working three jobs. If they aren't already. Mmmh, I wonder what's on the menu in the dining rooms at the US Congress.

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