Sunday, 15 June 2008

Post #32 Hire a Hall/Nothing (Naked hypocrisy)

A few years ago a public health advocacy group attempted to hire some advertising space in The West Australian to advise men who didn't identify themselves as homosexual, while still having the occasional dalliance, of the dangers they faced from STD's, particularly AIDS. The advertisement was to be full-page and include a large photograph of two naked men embracing; posed in such a way that their genitals would be obscured. The West, which reaps a profitable revenue from advertising whorehouses, telphone sex lines, "adult product" vendors and so on, felt that this was beyond reason and wouldn't allow it.

Yesterday we Western Australians were treated to a photograph of a naked man and woman embracing (from waist up) in a small box next to the West's masthead title. Inside, on the front page of the Weekend Magazine liftout, was the full-page, full-size photograph in which the two rather unphotogenic parties are grinning at the camera. The woman, posed right of picture, is holding, with her left hand, the lead of a terrier dog who sits at the bottom of the photo, also grinning at the camera. Her hand, holding the lead, is placed in front of the man's groin. It doesn't completely obscure his penis, a small section of which is peeking from behind.

And the pretext for this image? The story contained in the liftout about the decline of nudism in Western Australia. The story is further illustrated with nude pictures of the two front-page models and with photos of other nudists in a hot-tub (some penis-shapes distinguishable through the water) and out and about enjoying their pastime.

I'm not in the least interested in rubbishing the nudists. Couldn't care less. Just one, admittedly obvious point to fact it's made, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

I cannot agree more. They're idiots -- the lot of them.

Retarius said...

What puzzles me is, if Jim McGinty hates them so much; why hasn't he moved all government advertising to an Internet site?

That would wake 'em up!